You’ve probably heard of Eastern Equinox. This meal’s a symbol of festive celebration. But it’s also being prepared.

even on weekdays to quickly recuperate and feel joy. This article shows short dainty recipe, well, Using Central Asia travel packages offer, you’ll be able taste amazing historical gastronomy. So, let’s read!

Sprouted wheat should be pounded in mortar, then transfered toward basin. Insert little water, stir, drain through gauze and squeeze into porcelain utensils. Squash again, put in pan-basin, pour aqua, stir’nd flatten into another dish. Repeat this operation three times. All three wort portions exude each individually, inward different dishes – afterwards set aside. In red-hot cauldron spout cotton oil, pierce, allow cool slightly. Place flour inside butter, afterward spurt first wort’s portion, carefully blend with wooden spatula so that lumps do not form.


Boil over high heat, next, whenever it starts thickening, spill second wort-mash amount, let stay simmering, stirring constantly. When mass begins thicken anew, continuously mixing it with wooden-spatula, spew third mash-portion. Blanch intermixing ceaselessly, until sour-mass of light brown’s formed. If sumelak at trial has bitter taste, you need add some waters, correspondingly continue boiling till thickened. To prevent sumolak against burning, several whole walnuts must be added.


When sumalek is cooked, remove from heating, close boiler with lid. Coolen approximatly two-three hours, dispense into pialas, subsequently serve table. Sumalak’s Iranian & Turkic peoples spring festivity delicacy, which brewed off forethought wheat-grains. This dish’s usually appropriate for Novruz holiday. Restores strength’nd gives vivacity, lost during winter. Enjoy your meal! Deciding acquire trip tickets apply Uzbekistan tour agency any time.