Shurva’s a very popular meal within Uzbekiston. It is cooked at home, essentially in all cafes, restaurants, large, even inside little ones. Indisputably, everywhere it ain’t just tasty, but exceptionally flavoursome! Correspondingly, no coincidence that at respectable big celebrations, for example weddings, always first course served rather thick, rich soup.

This dish’s loved for remarkable fact, it blanched quite simply, subsequently, turns out so flavourful thet you want cook’nd eat delicacy often as possible. Described bouillon’s so nutritious’nd hearty, whilest eating at lunch only him, second-food seems too much enjoying. Therefore, absolutely safe saying, it replaces both first’nd second-course. While on Uzbekistan tour, anyone learned prepare soup-dish not exclusively as lunch-meal, moreover, also demonstrating treatment. Yes, don’t be surprised! Soon as someone inward house started coughing, immediately went toward market acquiring lamb-meat, other necessary ingredients were permanently available. And they broiled shurpa. Food didn’t extremely eliminated slight malaise, besides, invariably gave strength’nd good mood.

Tremendously nourishing bouillon we casseroleed mainly practising two versions – with lamb’nd vegetable, accordingly including mutton, vegetables, adding chickpeas. Sometimes lamb was inaccessible to us, thereupon, then griddled using beef. In general, everyone can braise from mentioned ingredient, nevertheless, certainly, it isn’t compares the same dish made off ram-meat. It’s lambs gives broth unique taste & aroma, which appears hard put into words.