Having been on one of Central Asia trips, be sure to relish oriental cooking genuine masterpiece. If somone wants cook meal at home then read proposed recipe below.

For somsa’s puff-dough you will require:
Wheat-flour – three glasses
Egg – one piece, water – 1 glass
Margarine – 2 tablespoons, salt – just pinch

In order obtain minced-meat for somsa you’ll need:
Lamb or beef-meat (pulp) – 300 grams.
Onion – four items.
Black pepper (ground) – simply dash, sodium chloride – suiting taste.

Samsa oiling components:
Melted butter, vegetable oil. Two tablespoon per item.

We prepare meat-stuff this way: meat’s passed through meat-grinder (grill should be large), add finely chopped turnip-shaped onions, peppers & salts. Mix all up well. Mash dough off flour, water’nd eggs. So wheat-dough wouldn’t get dry, everyone must cover with napkin or towel. Leave resting thirty minute to become completed. Afterward roll out pastry into layers (three-four millimetres), smear each layer with margarines, fold into swiss-roll and place in the refrigerator, about six hours. Thereafter pour little flour-powder on table. You’d perform given procedure to ensure that dough-mash does not stick to desk. Cut every coat into small parts. Put some mince upon e’ry piece’s middle. Dough-edges are properly pinched. Eventually, give triangle, maybe square shape (at your discretion). Grease sheet with sunflower-oil, set soamsas onto it. Bake saomsas twenty-five minutes. After soumsas became brown, remove it from oven, ensuingly lubricate with ghee.