It is obvious, Samarkand scones are prefered  by all Uzbek people. And they are notable not only in Uzbekiston, but also in the countries beyond. This bread is known all over the world. All who travel in Uzbekistan try to taste it and take with themselves as an amazing  present. The fame Samarkand bread gained due to its unusual, inexpressible taste and the most extraordinary feature is that it can be kept for a long and will not get stale. The genuine Samarkand bread can be kept for about three years. In order to be able to eat such a scone, it is good enough to sprinkle it with water and warm a little in the tandir. In our modern world it is not necessary to have a tandyr, it is sufficient simply to put a scone into a microwave oven for a couple of minutes. And the scones are ready for eating.

It is known that Bukhara Emir was fond of Samarkand bread with their unsurpassed taste. One day, Ameer commanded to deliver the baker from Samarkand to Bukhara, so he could always have fresh round bread. His word was a low. They delivered a superfine baxter from Samarkand. But, that was a bad surprise for Ameer, when he did not find the scones that much delicious as those carried from Samorkand. And then Ameer thought that probably, it was all because of special Samarkand flour. And perhaps the reason was in particular Samarkand water or in the Tandir! All this was delivered to the baker from Samarkand to Bukhara. But it did not help. The bread was not as tasty as that one. And then the courtiers contemplated that the reason was probably in the air of Samarkand. Well. How do we bring the air?!

And then the Ameer understood that it was necessary to send the baxter back to Samarkand since the most delicious Samarkand scones can be cooked only in Samarkand. So the tradition arose – Samarkand bread – from Samarkand.

If you ever travel in Samarkand, be sure to taste these scones and bring as a gift to your friends. The best bread ever. Impeccable taste.

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