No matter what eastern country you are in, you’ll always be offered a traditional refreshing assortment by lunchtime. Uzbekistan tour operators customarily remind of traditionalic approaches to dishes. In addition, it is very easy to cook by yourself. Explore recipe.


For salad-assortment you will need:
Tomatoes – ten pieces, onion – two items, cucumbers – three item, dill’nd cilantro – each for one bunch, ground-pepper (red) – 1 pinch, whereas bitter pepper – one piece. Salt according to taste.
Cucumbers’nd tomatos are well washed, cut, preferably in circles, add greens, properly shreded, finely chopped peppercorns. Then salten’nd stir. Put gallimaufry in salad-bowl, slide. Salad-gallimaufry can be embellished by greens’nd onions, cut in rings. Salad’s suitable both as main course, cold appetizer, and correspondingly side dish, almost with any meat, including kebab. Fast, satisfying, healthful!