January 1 – New Year
March 8 – International Women’s Day
March 21 – Navruz (Central Asian New Year)
May 9 – Memorial and Honors Day
September 1 – Independence Day
October 1 – Teacher’s and Mentor’s Day
December 8 – Constitution Day
Religious holidays with changing dates:
Ramazan Hait
Kurban Hait


Annually, 7 official holidays are celebrated on the territory of Uzbekistan: New Year, International Women’s Day, Navruz, Memorial and Honor Day, Independence Day, Teachers and Mentors Day and Constitution Day. In addition to official holidays, significant dates for local residents are: January 14 – the Day of Defenders of the Motherland and August 31 is the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Repression. In addition, the days off are the days of the celebration of Ramazan Khait and Kurban Khait, the two main Muslim holidays of Uzbekistan.


One of the most favorite holidays is the New Year, which meets on the night from December 31 to January 1. Around mid-December, a beautiful Christmas tree, a lot of rides and tents with sweets and toys appear on the main square of the capital, and Santa Claus and Snow Maiden meet the kids. It is worth noting that leisure for adults is no less diverse – there are original shows in cafes, clubs and restaurants, and interesting festive shows in theaters.


The Day of Defenders of the Motherland is celebrated on January 14 (the day of the creation of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan) and is a professional holiday. On this day, the ranks of the servicemen line up on the main square of the country-Mustakillik Maidoni in order to accept congratulations and awards from the leadership of Uzbekistan. The most colorful moment is the procession of all divisions of troops on the area and the laying of wreaths at the foot of the Monument of Independence.


International Women’s Day. On this spring day, March 8, men with armfuls of flowers and gifts in their hands rush to congratulate lovely ladies: mothers, wives, daughters, colleagues, girlfriends … At the largest concert venue in the country, Istiklol Palace annually hosts a concert with domestic stars from everywhere, congratulations are addressed to women, and the air is filled with the scent of flowers and celebration.


Nowruz. When buds swell on trees, in the gardens and parks, the hubbub of birds is heard and apricot flowers begin to bloom, then this wonderful spring holiday Nowruz comes, an ancient Spring festival, meaning the beginning of the New Year. It is celebrated on March 21 at the vernal equinox. Nowadays, Navruz is one of the main public holidays of the country, for which they begin to prepare thoroughly in advance: they clean up the streets, clean up the house and the soul, because according to ancient belief, both Navruz and you will live next year.


Today, like several thousand years ago, the spring holiday of Navruz is filled with original rituals and is accompanied by colorful rituals. At this time, the traditional cooking of the main dish of the holiday, sumalak, takes place. Residents of houses and makhallas gather around a huge cauldron, sit in a circle and sumalak cooking in a cauldron stir under a cheerful song and dance. The next morning, sumalak, as a rule, is distributed to neighbors, friends and relatives. Having tried sumalak, by all means make a wish! Locals say it will come true!


The Day of Remembrance and Honors is annually celebrated on May 9 since 1999 on the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. Respect and respect for the veterans is one of the good traditions of the Uzbek people. On this day, a large flow of people flocks to the main square of the country in order to honor the memory of the dead and congratulate all the veterans on this significant day, and in the evening a salute is launched into the sky.


On August 31, 1991, at the Extraordinary 7th Session of the Supreme Council of the Republic, the state independence of the country was proclaimed, and on September 1, it was approved by the Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan. This day symbolizes the date of birth of the new independent republic and is the main national holiday of the country. The whole republic widely and cheerfully notes this significant day for Uzbekistan, whatever region you are in, you would certainly find an exciting spectacle: variety shows and performances by folklore groups, dances, sports competitions and noisy fairs of local artisans. In the evening, a bright holiday salute soars up into the sky.


Teachers and Mentors Day is celebrated on October 1st. Traditionally, the day before October 1 (as the day is officially declared a day off) schoolchildren and former graduates rush to school with bouquets of flowers to congratulate teachers on their professional holiday and thank them for their hard and dedicated work. After all, teachers and mentors are the people who have invested in each of us not only knowledge and skills, but also a part of their soul.

December 8, 1992 at the 11th session of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan was unanimously adopted the main law of the country – the Constitution. Since that time, Constitution Day, December 8 – is considered the day of the nationwide celebration of the entry into force of the fundamental law of the Republic.


Ramazan Hait (Eid al-Fitr) is known thro ughout the world as Ruza Hait, a holiday of moral and spiritual cleansing and, according to the Muslim calendar, falls on the 9th month of the Hijra. The holiday begins immediately after the completion of the 30-day fast of “Uraz” and is considered the time of spiritual purification. On the last day of the fast begins the holiday of Ramazan Hait, which lasts for three days. The first day is considered non-working.


The religious holiday Kurban Khait (Eid al-Adha) – one of the main holidays celebrated in the Muslim world, has its roots in history, to the time when the prophet Ibrahim wanted to sacrifice his own son to Allah in honor of his faith. He was stopped by the good spirits who told Ibrahim to sacrifice animals, but not a son. From this very moment Muslims throughout the world sacrifice animals on this festive day. The celebration of Kurban Haita lasts 3 days, the first of which is considered non-working.