April 26, 2019, marks 53rd Tashkent earthquake anniversary, the capital of Uzbek SSR (now Uzbekistan).

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April 26, 1966, at 5 hours 23 minutes local time devastating earthquake occurred. Its magnitude in focus drew up 5.2 Richter scale, seismic effect on earth’s surface at epicenter exceeded 8 points at 12-point scale seismic intensity. First shock accompanied by an underground roar and light flashes. Rocks rupture in outbreak extended at 2-3, 8-9 kilometers depth under central quarters. Its horizontal length made up 4-5 kilometers.


Maximum destruction zone covered 10 square kilometers inside city’s central part Kashkar street, which appeared mainly built up with mud houses. Two million square meters living space were destroyed; about 78 thousand families or more than 300 thousand people then living were homeless.

Over 236 administrative buildings, about 700 trades, public catering facilities, 26 utilities, 181 educational institutions, 36 cultural institutions, 185 medical either 245 industrial buildings were destroyed.

Eight people died, about two hundred were hospitalized with various injuries. More than half injuries suffered by victims were caused by their unconscious behavior caused by panic. People jumped out higher floors, various objects, etc. 10% have suffered from collapsing walls featuring roofs, 35% falling buildings structures parts, household items.

However, death toll subsequently increased, hundreds elderly people died of heart stress over new earthquakes’ anticipation during even very weak aftershocks from heart attacks.

All USSR republics tried to help affected Tashkent. City supplied with tents, medicines, industrial, food products, construction materials, equipment. An aid fund created, which transferred personal either collective citizens funds.

Thanks to new buildings, city grew 1.5 times, became even more international; approximately 100 nationalities live here.

Capital became decorated with Peoples Friendship Palace, TV tower, hotels Russia, Dustlik, Moscow, Uzbekistan, History Museum, Shark Publishing House, university, circus; metro was launched.

May 20, 1976, after tragedy tenth anniversary, Monument of courage was erected. Ask you tour operator concerning this monument either other best places to visit in Central Asia.

It is black marble cube, split in two. Dial is cut out on one side, which hands froze at 5 hours 23 minutes, time when first push occurred, date is stamped on other side April 26, 1966. Zigzag crack from cube winds toward sculptural group, depicting woman and man clutching a child, as if trying defend his family with his body from impending disaster.