How to cook national palov:
For 120 grams lamb:
rice – 160 g,
carrot – 30 g,
onion (turnip-shaped) – 50 g,
cotton or chicken lard oil – 60 g,
pepper, anise, salt to taste.


Rice-grains should be soaked presumably two or three hours in salted water. Cut meat into pieces, about ten-fifteen gram. Fry meats inside large boiler (preferably cast-iron) until crust gets formed. Afterwards, supposed add onions, chopped like straw, carrots, preliminary sliced in straws, correspondingly, deep-fry all together over a low heat. Subsequently pour clear-water (aqua would be of rice’s weight). When rice-corns become swelled, insert spices. Then blanch. After water’s absorbed by foodgrain, you need level them using skimmer, make deepening and spout about one-two water-teaspoons. Close cauldron with lid (tightly). Pilaf is simmered, roughly, approximately twenty-twenty-five minutes. Whenever pilav becomes served on table, meal must be sprinkled with shallots, prepared meat-pieces.

Skimmer’s very common kitchen belonging. Uzbekistan tour operators draw special travelers attention toward this fixture as an inalienable ethnological cooking part. It’s massive, flat, holey spoon. Designed to remove foam, take out meat-portions or fish. It is also used widely for other purposes.