Немного об Узбекистане

Welcome to Uzbekistan in a country that is an oasis of peace, a land where antiquity and modernity collided. Being the center of the Great Silk Road, located on the territory of the vast Central Asian region, with a history that lasts more than a million years, Uzbekistan has become a state with a unique culture, rich heritage, various kinds of art and traditional crafts, with peculiar mentality of the population, folklore, and oriental cuisine.


All of the above is truly the virtue that distinguishes Uzbekistan from other countries.


Modern Uzbekistan plays a large role in the tourist direction, the range of services in the field of tourism is improving every day. Thus, the majority of tourists who showed interest in Uzbekistan are residents of many Asia-Pacific regions, as well as tourists from the European Union.


A trip to Uzbekistan is an unforgettable experience of enjoying many palaces and temples that have survived to our days, mausoleums and minarets. With pleasure, you can plunge into the history of the country by visiting museums, get acquainted with the archaeological, architectural, natural objects of the country. Stepping on the land of ancient cities, visiting archaeological sites, you can discover the doors to the distant past, learn about the lives of people who lived in antiquity.


But the most important thing that will remain in your memory is the generous hospitality of the people of Uzbekistan, which is rooted in the people, these are customs and traditions that can be observed in every family. A special place is occupied by Uzbek cuisine, you can talk about it for hours, but it is better to try. Uzbekistan has become an attractive place, guests from all over the world come here and spend time, which remains in their memory for a long time.


Interesting. In Uzbekistan, you will find a rich history of the Eastern people, famous monuments of architecture, the elegance of applied art, tours to the historical cities of the country, and a skillful tour of the experienced guide.


Cheap. One indisputable fact that all tourists say is “ridiculous” money for everything. Yes, indeed, prices in the country are quite modest. Spend with pleasure! You are planning to shop – in front of you are whole streets of fashionable boutiques of any level and possibilities, you have decided to have fun – the country offers you a huge number of places of entertainment, a large selection of restaurants where you can taste oriental dishes, ski resorts, nightlife in the capital’s clubs, and beautiful parks in the afternoon.


Purely. We are sure that you have not yet met such a clean city like Tashkent, and have not seen how clean and tidy other cities of Uzbekistan are. Walking along the streets, you do not have to stumble over the garbage that lies under your feet, in front of you will open girokie, unusually clean streets, seated with various flowers and bushes, huge green trees, shady and cool parks, magnificent fountains. You must admit that this is what most tourists bribe.


Safely. Along with the cleanliness of the streets, we note security. The people of Uzbekistan are peace-loving, very hospitable people, thanks to their generous heart, and there are no wars, revolutions, insurrections, ruin and theft in the proper security policy. You can safely enjoy your stay in this tranquil country, and upon departure, show a desire to return to this world of the East again.


With great joy, we will provide you the best advice, organize the most attractive tours for your request, create a complete picture of your upcoming paintings in Uzbekistan. We can also offer you to combine tours not only in Uzbekistan, but also with some regions of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and the Caucasus.