Real Uzbek pilaf

Holding a festive plov is mandatory before wedding or marriage. Event organizers determine plov day and time. At this time, guests gather appointed place to enjoy such celebratory dish taste. All neighbors, relatives, friends receive invitations. In the evening, before event, carrots start prepared by family members featuring neighbors. This procedure called “sabzi tugrar”. Afterwards, follows a feast for occasion participants. Moreover, even singers sometimes invited here tour Uzbekistan.


Most adult family members engaged into responsibilities distribution at morning festival. Dish should be ready afterwards morning prayer “Bondod Namozy” completion.


Guests will be offered festive meal after prayer, tunes of tambourines, karnays, surnais will sound. Everyone takes his seat, first of all, tea with bread appears on table, visitors make fotih, say good wishes. Furthermore, in large dishes or lagans, pilaf is served, one plate for Об Узбекистанеtwo people. After meal, lagans carried away, participants again perform Fotih ceremony; say thanks to hosts before leaving. Tables become preparing towards following visitors arrival. Whole celebration lasts no more than couple hours. Singers and artists invited here. Most honored people receive holiday chapan as gift. For more information about holidays visit https://eastroute.com

Besides bridal, they also conduct memorial plov, where relatives commemorate deceased. Suras from Koran are read, artists not asked. These events cater exclusively ales.