Country’s rather rich with national culinary dishes variety that it’s difficult to count. There’re also meals which restore strength, give energy. At the same time, they are light, moreover, can even be attributed toward dietary. During your stay at Uzbekistan tour, surely enjoy this traditional dish. Now we’ll briefly tell how to cook it.


In order prepare real Uzbek narin you will need:
Beef or lamb-meat – three hundred grams, onion – 1 item, zira – one pinch, ground pepper (black) – just dash, salt suiting taste.
Two cups wheat-flour, one-quarter cup water, vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons, salt-pinch – you’ll necessitate all mentioned ingridients for making dough.


Meat should be rinsed properly, clean from veins and tendons, boil, without cutting – whole piece. After meats boiled – chop in-to straws. Knead dough-mass off flour’nd waters (heavy-dough must be kneaded). Cover dough-paste using napkin, so it wouldn’t get dry. Leave inside cold place, approximatly fourty minutes to become infused. Whenever dough’s inininated, afterwards rolled out into flat-layer. Layer’s thickness would appear two-three millimetres. Next, layer is cut in strips, each length ten-twenty centimetres. Then simmer in broth. Once cooked – cool, grease smearing fat. Eventually shred boiled-doughs like straw. Combine dough-noodles plus meat-straws. For savoriness, add ziera. We’re mixing up. Served on table in platter. Put noodles forming a hill, ensuingly sprinkle with finely chopped-meat atop.