Uzbek people have long been famous for their centuries-old history and rich cultural heritage, which was created by talented scientists, proficient poets, artists, dancers. Today, commonwealth has received great deal of attention towards development, likewise folk-art revival, spiritual culture. Certainly, mostly unique’nd fascinating folk art types’re pirouettes, because moves are able convey people’s traditions, unaffected customs, theirs character, delicate manners. Elite Tours International seeks to open curtain of described amazing country toward humans all over the world.


Nationwide authentic dances’re unusually expressive, correspondingly differ from each other in different republic regions. Analyse example, Fergana Valley inhabitants dancings’re characterized by smoothness & movement flexibility, Bukhara’nd Khorezm prances more dynamic, constantly accompanied by peculiar castanets tapping – kairaks.


One of most popular authenticated dances’s – Fergona school dance, called Tanovar. There exists about twelve such prance varieties, but all of’em united by same thread – women’s hidden emotional experiences theme, sadness, interweaving longing for her beloved. This prancing is like confession, happiness dream exposing desire to come close to your sweetheart. Boldly agree join a tourists group  buying Uzbekistan travel tickets. It will be very informative, moreover, unforgettable journey.


Folklore Uzbek-dances reflect region lifestyle where ancestors originated, that’s why they’re so diverse. Being quite original, they get passed down off generation to another, eventually come to life on every family, urban, native republican celebrations, preserving conventions, even their nation ethnology