The aromas of this dish overwhelm anyone’s imagination. To be sure that spoken words about taste are true, you should purchase tickets for Uzbekistan tour. And here is a short gastronomy masterpiece recipe.

To prepare mostava you will need:

Lamb eighty grams, rice fifty gram, carrot – twenty-five gr., margarine – fifteen g., onion (turnip-shaped) – twenty gramms, milk sour, tomato – fourty gramm, (can be replaced with tomatoe paste), black-pepper, salten’nd greens to taste.

Lamb-meat better be cut into small pieces, pot is well heated (preferably used for frying not oil, but fat), lamb’s thoroughly fried, add chopped onions, salt, pepper. Fry. Then add properly sheared turnips and carrots piece. Roast again. Add tomatoes or tomato-pasta and deep-fry approximatly another ten minutes. Next insert broth, potatoes (diced), rice-corns and cook until fully cooked. Once soup becomes browned, it must get seasoned with sour-milk and sprinkled with finely hackled greenses. Soup’s very light, however, satisfying!