Mantas are large dumplings which’re steamed. It is a traditional dish, so you can meet it in different restaurants, cafes, as well as food in Uzbekistan hotels. Easy to prepare, often practiced in home cooking.


You’ll need following:Узбекская кухня. Манты
Flour – 500g ,
One egg, teaspoon salt,
1/2 cup water.

For mince:
Lamb – 1 kilogram (pulp);
Chicken lard – 100 grams;
1 tea-spoon black peppers;
One’nd a half cups salted waters;
Greasing ingridient, either ghee or butter.


Make cool dough, place it into bowl and let infuse approximatly ten minutes. Then roll out harnessing rolling pin. Thickness should be no more than two millimetres. Thereafter, cut dough-paste into squares. Put minced meat on each square (about one table-spoon), suet piece, accurately model manty.

Keep pastry from drying, it must be covered with napkin. There’s special pot for monti. It is needed so that every monty doesn’t stick to each other. Shaped maunti have to get placed upon steam pan tiers, oil smeared, to avoid clinging, sprinkle withs aqua, properly cover pan closing lid, cook over medium heat for fourty-five minute. Mantis better to be served on big platter. Before serving, grease manity using creamy or melted blarney-butter. Everyone may also serve salad of radishes intermixing sour cream. Or, perfect example, Bulgarian pepper seasoning, garlic & tomatoes.