Traditional Uzbek entertainment and games

Throughout many communities national games were played with a purpose to have fun also educate people in such extraordinary way.

Despite other educational methods, folk games held in competition format either gave possibility towards take part for everybody. Youngsters learn to develop their mental qualities, physical strength through such tournaments popular among Uzbekistan group tours.

From ancient times national tournaments reflected population’s lifestyle. Through participation within competition they could show their abilities including: experience, courage, hardiness, rapidity creativity, other qualities, skills.

Public activities and amusements are essential part of Uzbekistan people culture.

Since older times, throughout weddings or different great holidays, Uzbek citizens organized competitions for entertainment, where participants experienced strength together with agility.

Nowadays, those competitions became a part of Uzbek folklore getting over rebirth. This entertainment form becoming more popular either world known as preserved jokes, humor, sensuous featuring fascination.


The most widespread traditional Uzbek games list

Uzbek and Central Asian ancient horseman game is Ulak-kupkari. By tradition, this competition usually held after autumn harvest and during weddings or great national holidays. Breathtaking performance available through travel tour Uzbekistan shows horsemen abilities such as experience, courage, hardiness, rapidity, creativity, and other skills.


Kurash is another popular Uzbek wrestling competition held on different celebrations.

Competitors do not need any special flooring as they fight outdoors, but sometimes big carpets cover the ground. Everybody can participate in contest, including: elder people, youngsters, experienced fighters and beginners.

Sheep fighting is another contest among animals, where viewers can express their emotions through whistling, stomp, cheering sheep, buzz.

Special breed birds take part in cockfighting. It looks like boxing, which includes ten minutes rounds between particularly trained cocks.


Additionally, there are numerous traditional games like chavgon, kyz-kuvdi, teng keluv, olomon-poyga, ogdarysh and many others. All above mentioned games are equestrian, very excited, either dynamic.