Where can you really find out the smallest trading nuances? Can I learn to bargain like professional, easily dropping prices? Certainly, in the East where Silk Road trade ran a long time ago. Ask your Central Asia travel agency on to adjust your bazaar tour. After all, even throughout capital there are many.

This city itself divided into areas either everyone has their own market. So, here comes Yunusobod fair. It changes every season so that travelers just don’t know. In spring, it becomes berries territory, summer a whole fruit sea even more than ocean. There is always fish, vegetables and spices all kinds. And what is meat department alone, that’s splendor of choice.

What about samsa? Visit Uzbekistan without trying samsa is nonsense. If traveler found himself on Yunusabad through your Tashkent tour, then he should go to bazaar. Indeed, there are so many types of this delicacy here on Yunusabad market, tourists won’t be left hungry.