Изобразительное искусство Узбекистана

Oriental masters talent’s known all over the world – because they have always been famous for their decoration-art and magnificent palaces embellishment, mausoleums, madrassas, correspondingly other iconic buildings. Uzbekistan’s hairline art is pretty diverse inside theirs styles, directions, including genres. You can see it through Central Asia tour package program.


Local painting main elements are calligraphy, ornament & pattern, but animals’nd people images almost impossible, thanks to imprint of Islamic traditions prohibiting living beings depiction. Later appears miniature – small colorful pictures that became an integral attribute of well-off people’s mansions, remarkable houses interior. During Temurids ruling in fourteenth-fifteenth centuries, along with general cultural development, Uzbek meticulous-art starts developing. Presently, delightful landscape murals details could be seen upon some Samarquand sepulchres. At this time, renowned miniatures master Kamoliddin Behzod creates his masterpieces.


Next stage of Uzbekiston fine-art enhancement happens approximatly nineteenth-twenties centenaries. Ahmad Donish, Abdulkhaliq-Mahmum accompanying number of outstanding indigenous artists take counterparts artistry to an absolutely new level. In addition, more impact on 20th century Uzbekiston’s paintings’re greatly influenced by Russian mobile begetters whose phenomenal works become development-basis across realism genre portraiture, well as Eastern landscapes’nd portraits school.


If someone’s interested in domestic ornate-art, it’s worth visiting Creativity State Museum, using services provided by Uzbekistan travel agency. It is one of state’s oldest aesthetic, educational, likewise scientific country’s institutions. Today, museum’s exhibition has greatier than sixty thousand exhibits, most of which’s unique.