Perhaps, any Uzbekistan best Silk Road tours’ operator, on a question about the most famous bazaar on https://eastroute.com, will talk about Hippodrome. Chilanzar clothing market got its unusual name due to fact that there was a riding center nearby. Here everybody can find any item to your taste. It is at such place that you can be taught eastern bargain. Here anybody can find the latest Tashkent news. Oriental bazaar spirit seems presented in everything. For convenience, this placement divided into three parts. First, you will come across variety of colored national fabrics, second, household goods, carpets. After all, they are the brightest representatives of eastern trade. Well, next part occupied by clothes for every taste and shoes. Among other things, it was precisely divided in turn into Korean either Uzbek sides, where prices vary unusually. However, it is worthwhile to come and see peculiarity of such separation.

Пик Ленина. Таджикистан