This ancient rite, consecrated by Islam, appears performed exclusively by boys. Central Asia Travel Company offers interesting tours throughout Uzbekistan. Usual age for performing Sunnat-tuy ritual begins from age 3 to 9 years, sometimes 11 till 12. Parents start preparing for this custom since birth. Gradually, everything you need appears acquired. When holiday comes near, thorough preparation begins. Large family women are usually engaged into sewing blankets, preparing gifts. “Wedding” ceremony itself begins as follows: mahalla aksakals, relatives and imam off mosque gather. The Quran is read, table comes set, elders bless boy. Child is prepared for “wedding” in advance elegantly dressed in presence of all relatives. Everyone congratulates boy, literally shower him with sweets and money. Within female society, an ancient ritual takes place: laying pillows and blankets on chest as future family well-being sign. Festive pilaf featuring rich table complete ceremony. After refreshments, guests dance either play around campfire. But holiday does not end there, continuing next day.