Базары Шахрисабза

What about a tour to Shahrisabz? After all, there traveler can discern ancient city Nautaka remains; visit Timur palace ruins, and see Shakhrisabz Chorsu. The fact is that there are several Chorsus throughout Uzbekistan. Certainly, tourists will be warned about this on by Central Asia Travel Company. Actually, Chorsu is such type of indoor market. But, let us go back to Shakhrizabs. You will see indoor market, located at crossroads, as customary in Central Asia bazaar industry. Large dome closes traders from natural phenomena. In addition to a large dome, here are small domes on four sides. So the bazaar becomes not just market, but beautiful architect’s creation, masters of old times.

This cruciform structure has hosted many shops where you can find everything that makes eastern bazaar so popular and sere thing, find everything that soul wants.