Uzbek way of brewing tea

Green-tea is national drink within Uzbekistan, it’s drunk in every region and republic city, except for capital itself – Toshkent residents prefer black-tea more. Based on a teaspoon for each drinker, whereas single extra spoon they scan on kettle – pour dry tea-leaves into porcelain-kettle that has been pre-heated. Next spout boiling-water, presumably kettle’s quarter, subsequently position for proximatly two minutes in oven or any other place where there’s hot air.

Then append boiling-aqua till half kettle’nd cover with napkin. After a couple of minute, drain out of boiler little brewed-tea, ensuingly add boiling water to third of volume, keep it for approximatly three sixty seconds, finally fill full teapot. If you happen to stay in Tashkent hotel, be sure to taste both tea-infusion options.


In Karakalpakstan, people like drinking blacktea with milk’nd pepper & honey addition. Murchoy, tea-beverage with peppers insertion brewed as usually, only 2 peas crushed black-pepper inserted at the rate of one tea-drink scoop itselfs. Tea-blend, inward which pepper’nd nectar added called assilmurchoy. For e’ry tea-spoon of tea-brew is taken ratio of honey-nector 2 teaspoons including two-three black-peppers pea.