Beshik-tuy a ritual ceremony dedicated first baby lying literally translates as “wooden cradle”. This is practically most common Uzbekistan rite, which has its own characteristics in various regions throughout Central Asia travel. It is carried out on the 7-11th day of the child’s life. Bright significant rite old days was carried out within obligatory invited people smearing with flour so that guests’ thoughts were bright either clean. Nowadays, it has not lost its meaning. Wealthy families celebrate this event widely, families under small income modestly, but everyone celebrates such happy event.


Necessary infant accessories yet most importantly cradle provided by child’s mother. Toys featuring sweets are wrapped into an elegant tablecloth. Baby grandparents are prepared gifts. Surrounded sounds of carn either sours, solemnly, together with guests; festive procession goes towards kid parents’ house. Elegant beshik, gifts travel along them. Upon arrival, Beshik takes on baby’s grandfather right shoulder then he passes it to his son, who, in turn, carries rocker newborn mother. While those visitors invite themselves rich dastarkhan inside living room, newborn mother accompanied elderly women swaddles child and puts him into hanging stage. Visitors come see child, bring him presents, put sugar and parvarda inside beshik. After that ceremony ends.