One of the amazing sights of Uzbekistan is Lake AYdarkul – an oasis in the middle of the Central Asian Kyzylkum desert. And if you are traveling in Uzbekistan, you should definitely visit this truly paradise of our land.


The history of Lake Aydarkul begins in 1969, when a high flood in the riverbed of the Syr Darya led to the filling of the Arnasai depression. At the moment, the lake area is no more than 3,000 square meters. km In length, it stretches almost 250 km, and in width – no more than 15 km. And the height above the sea lake level is only 247 m.

The local flora and fauna is striking in its diversity – the green endless meadows from the early spring are full of red and yellow tulips. Most of the animals and birds living here are listed in the Red Book, such as, for example, the small cormorant, white-tailed eagle, curly pelican, and black vulture.


Tourists also have the opportunity to swim, sunbathe and, of course – go fishing in a designated place. After all, it is for this pleasure that hundreds of enthusiasts rush to the lake. The lake is inhabited by various types of freshwater fish — bream, carp, carp, perch, and even catfish, which makes fishing a dream for everyone. If desired, tourists can rent all the necessary gear for sport fishing.


Guests of Aydarkul can successfully settle down in the cozy camp “Aydar”, located just 6 km from the lake. The camp has traditional yurts, which, although stylized in the old manner, are equipped with all the necessary living conditions, including electricity and a dining room.


When choosing a tour to Uzbekistan, be sure to consider visiting this beautiful lake, because Aydarkul is a secluded paradise, untouched world, in the atmosphere of which everyone will find a long-awaited rest.