For long time, numerous religions subsisted in consonance prospering throughout Central Asia. Religions existed as civilized foundation linked continents. Contact Silk Road tour operators on to find more information about local peculiarities.


Republic Constitution states that principles’ latitude is assured to everyone. Everybody can believe any faith. Religious condemnation is not inflicted anyone over his will. Religion must be detached from state, all organizations are equally regarded. State does not have right to interfere religious organizations activities.


Uzbekistan is a secular state, where religious life way either thinking live together with country lifestyle. Republic Law “On Religious Organizations Freedom” enshrines public right practice any cult individually or inside group, observe customs and rituals, offer holy places pilgrimages. Additionally, there are more than 15 religious faiths representatives. These are Catholics, Protestants, Jews; all of them act for prosperity, strengthening national independence, as promoting social stability.

Events are organized to support mutual understanding between various faiths. For example, 1995, Muslim-Christian conference was held in Tashkent.


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Russian Orthodox Church celebrated the 125th anniversary of its Diocese in Central Asia. Evangelical Lutheran confession followers celebrated Lutheran church centenary.

Catholic Church opened its Samarkand cathedral. Over independence years, several international symposiums took part on wonderful anniversaries of famous Muslim scientists’ occasion.

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