Развитие женского спорта

Today, our country among eastern states rightfully occupies leading position in various sports achievements. There are talented women athletes throughout Uzbekistan travel. These are not only capital representatives, but also remote country regions.

Actively developing women’s sports, especially rhythmic gymnastics, which instills beautiful half state interest over music either dancing, develops them not only physically, but also aesthetically. Active women training specialists under coaching field either physical education teachers is underway.


Here come just a few countries’ outstanding athletes:
Anastasia Svechnikova athletics, World Winner;
Iroda Tulaganova – tennis. Here come some merits:
—First place winner Wimbledon girls’ tournament, US Open tennis competition.
—Asia Titleholder.
— Runner-up at World Women’s Games.
— Honored Uzbekistan sportswoman.


Oksana Chusovitina – deserved state gymnastics athlete. Accomplishments:
—Olympic Games gold medalist;
— Participant of international plan Stars, where won prize;
— Got Order “Dustlik” for her services.


Lina Cheryazova – freestyle. She has such sport accomplishments:
— Received World Cup twice;
— At Norway Olympics, became Champion.
— Received honorary titles “Honored Athlete” and “Uzbekistan Iftihori”.


Saida Iskandarova – swimming. In her piggy bank such victories:
Central Asian tour swimming tournament twice became champion;
—Asia-Oceania, won first place, receiving gold medal;
—Asian Tournament, silver;
— Took part over Sydney Olympics;
—international scale Master.


Tatyana Malinina – figure skating, has Republic Honorable sportsperson title. More than once was among prize winners and winner into various border plan competitions.