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The Mirzo Ulugbek birthplace on March 22, 1394, is Sultania city. Already at 15 years old, he seated on Samarkand throne. Since 1447, after young man father Shahrukh death, who considered great Tamerlane son, he became whole Maverannahr ruler, once Amir Temur state. During those times, Samarkand tours appeared not just country capital, but also scientific knowledge center. That’s why prince became more famous as a great scientist, since knowledge contained main ruler’s life meaning. Science reached unprecedented heights in Maverannahr.

From childhood, Muhammad Taragai (real name) loved visit libraries featuring educational institutions. Youngster mostly interested in astronomy. So 1428, rulers dream came true; scientific observatory near ancient city has been built, named after him. Those times, it turned single observatory of its kind, unparalleled throughout medieval East and even West. For observation development, most prominent scientists were invited, who worked upon par with their leader.

Currently, observatory not fully preserved, just its underground part had survived, where tourists from all over world come see miracle medieval East. After all, this building is witness how peoples that time made their discoveries inside scientific world. Within institution Ulubek wrote his famous work “Zij Gurgani” or “New Astronomical Tables”, where 1018 stars were described. Ulubek gave starry year description. According to calculations, it contained 365 days, 6 hours, 10 minutes, 8 seconds. The error was only 58 seconds.

Until XVII century, his work “Astronomical tables of new Gurgan” used as teaching tool among many universities, including Europe.

By explorers order, many architectural structures had been built, particularly, 1417-1420, Samarand madrasah, which subsequently becomes one out three main buildings Registan architectural ensemble city central square.

Unfortunately, this excellent scientist and leader life ended tragically, explorer was killed 1449 whereby conspiracy result.

Visit madrasah is included into classic excursion tour to Uzbekistan, which reviews always only positive.