Certainly, Bukhara tours won’t do without famous house-museum of prominent political worker Faizullah Khojayev. Faizula Khodjayev considered erstwhile a very respected region individual. Used to be party activist. Later ruled almost whole country. Allotment itself belonged Faizullah’s father, Ubaidullo Khoja Kasim Khojaiyev. Professional merchant and extremely rich man. Ubaidulla Khaja carried caracul for sale not only around his commonwealth, but also abroad, for instance, Russia, Germany, etc.


Building structure;

Building’s clear traditional nineteenth-century Buhara residentiary architecture example. Entire erection area with yard is 3 hectares, it’s divided into three parts:
Household section;
Male’s sector;
Estate part for women staying.
Estate’s biggiest segment’s decorated with painting & wood, alabaster carvings. These’re aivans, living quarters including living-rooms.
Residential apartments include:
Mehmonkhona — large guest-room.
Summer open rooms.
Winter apartment, properly insulated.

All of them ornamented with delightful murals, which were made by eminent city masters. Sometimes Uzbekistan travel itinerary provides detailed edifice examination.

Entering courtyard you go toward front room, where aivon’s installed — wooden carved gallery. All headrooms, of course became prone to restoration, they obtained that time-period appearance. Those’re decorations, furniture, items, utensils, comprising other retrospectives. Approximate period nineteen-first twentieth century’s half. Inside separate showcase there’re important papers concerning politician life. Works, numerous photographs that survived ideological repression.


Merits of this person;

First, he headed BNSR. From one thousand nine hundred’nd twenty-five till 1937 suppression began literally raging within state. F. Hojayev took SNC Uzbekistan’s helm, being its chairman. Besides, supplementarily one of Soviet Primary Election Commission participants. Foizulo wos Uzbekiston Communist Assembly Central Committee member. However, politics suffered same fate as others renowned personalities. Presumably 1936, Faizulla Khodjaev, along with another noticeable affiliation workers, such as N.I. Bukharin, Akmal Ikramov, K.B. Rykov plus others, had been taken under arrest. Soon, got prosecuted in Moskow, accused of belonging towards so-called Trotskyist right-wing bloc. During spring 1938, he was shot.


Museum exhibits;

Now everyone may see exhibitions number at once. Dedicated ethnographic Bukara people features, called “19th-20th centuries well-off merchant’s lifestyle.” Exhibition reveals Fayzullah Khajayev himself’s life’nd activities. Exposure devoted culinary delights, named “Wealthy tradesman cuisine.” Inwards one headroom there’s spectacle consecrated Bukhara’s watch affair — “19th, even 20th centenaries clock’nd mechanisms.” Those brands like “Pavel Bure”, “Maurer”, “Becker”. More early expositions dating back to earliest twentyth century across Russian Federation. “Lighthouse”, “Amber”, “Glory” watches. “Iskra”, “Beam”, “Acta”. Hurry buy Bukhara tour tickets, explore lot interesting things. Home-museum address: Bukhora, Tukaya seventy street. Useful information could be found on website: https://eastroute.com.