The country has an extensive network of public hospitals and private public health establishments. In rural areas enough network of first-aid posts and mobile clinics are branched out, however their resources is developed are obviously limited. Some deficiency of the basic medical-preparations is seemed, therefore in case of presence of chronic diseases it is necessary to take all necessary preparations with itself. Services of the state clinics are free, but the national system of medical insurance is not present. In many polyclinics and hospitals for treatment and medicines it is necessary to pay. Private clinics accept for cash, but here, as well as in the markets, it is possible to bargain. In some cases it is possible to address for council to local residents who usually with pleasure prompt the most competent doctor in area. In case of chronic diseases it is obligatory to have at itself a set of the necessary preparations assured by the recipe with the signature and the stamp of the attending physician.


Insistently the full medical insurance of the international sample is recommended.


Uzbekistan always tries to increase the volume of the budget funds being distributed for the healthcare: in comparison with the year 1999 this indicator sharply grew up by 7.4% and being related to UZS 480.8 bin. (US1=1251.13). For last ten years the percentage of total population mortality rate in Uzbekistan has fall down by 23 percent, the indicators of child mortality by 68 percent, the mother mortality – by 37 percent.


The major directions of the reforms belong to make rational conditions for increasing the quality of healthcare, intensify the role and as well the prestige of the medical stuff, develop their payment system and motivate their labor.


According to words of President of Uzbekistan at congress hold on December 1, 2005 “To create better system of payment for the labor of medicinal stuff”, the system of payment that directly relies оn the capacity of the completed work and its grade, were introduced. Consequently, the medical stuffs’ salary has increased since January of 2006 based on average by 1,7-1,9-fold against January 2005, but against December the same year – on average by 1,3-fold, and on some areas of such work -by 1.5-1,6-fold.


Per every year more than 6 million people in our country get the free emergency medical help that is certified by state. The state pays a big attention for providing the medical treatment and preventative facilities with the newest treatment and equipment for diagnostic. For example, over 10,000 medical surgeries and the other diagnostic manipulations are conducted every year at the specialized centers of Republic that are installed in accordance with the Resolve of the President of Uzbekistan of February 26, 2003 “On arrangements to further reform the system of healthcare”. More than 4,000 out of the foregoing amount of surgeries are the high-technologic surgeries and diagnostic procedures.


The entertaining programs include the wide spectrum of the tools for treatment, which are commonly used around the globe. Generally, all of that permits in the short period of time to make a diagnosis to the disease, ensure with a necessary treatment and the most important thing to guarantee the person a good cure.


One of the reforms having the highest priority considers establishing the countryside medical stations (CMS) equip them with the newest medical equipment and provide with skilled stuff. Nowadays there are 3000 CMS have been operating in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Some time ago, the villagers had to go to the central district hospital for seeking treatment, although injury or disease was very simple. Separately from the budget funds the different credits excreted by the World Bank have been expended for the purchasing medic outfit for CMS. Nowadays, we have 93 concerns in the Republic of Uzbekistan that produce the medical products. Their pharmaceutical performance control is based on the Law “On medicines and pharmaceutical activity”. About 12 directive documents that control the technology and quality of medicines in the producing enterprises operate in the Republic. One of them the major document is OST 19-01:2003 “The rules оn the regular production practices” (GMP) that were developed in line with the World Health Organizations’ (WHO) recommendations.


Amount of documents related to government for improving private entrepreneurship have been accepted in the country. As a result there has been development of the private medicine system. The medical centers and private clinics extend well-qualified medical treatment to the people. In comparison with 1999 the country owned 700 private clinics and by the end of 2006 the amount of clinics has become about 4,000.


In Uzbekistan functions four specialized medic centers of cardiology, microsurgery, surgery and urology. In Khorezm province the branch office of a particularized center of urology has been installed. Moreover, there will be set up the centers of cardiology and microsurgery of eye.


The subsidiary of scientific center of Republic controlling emergency medical help is able to contain about 200 patients, nowadays being reconstructed in the Republic of Karakalpakstan. UZS 140 millions have been owned within this project, as well as UZS 230 millions – as a part of the reconstruction project for children’s hospital accommodating up to 180 patients.


For improving of the medical infrastructure government pays a big attention to the thing having main importance – the training of cadres. In addition to functioning medical schools, there have been constructed new medical facilities such as the medical colleges of Peshkun, Marghilan city and Karakul districts of Bukhara Province, diagnostic centers of Jizzakh city. Nowadays they are successfully working in Uzbekistan. Moreover, other medical college of Gulistan city is going to be founded.


In accordance with developing the quality of emergency medic services, the Republic of Uzbekistan is actively involved in improving the skill of new medical cadres. Particularly, in 2006 about 400 doctors got training lectures in clinics of Germany, Russia, Turkey, Great Britain, India and Egypt.


Fortunately there are a lot of foreign investments that are being actively engaged to the spectrum of healthcare. Nearby with involvement of the Ministry of Health 10 projections are being realized due to the investments of foreigners directed to the spectrum of medicinal treatment with worth in total more than US $ 133.7 millions.


The high technology facilities are equipped at the Republican emergency medic aid centers and its affiliate offices located in provinces. The facilities include ultra-sound diagnosis tools, the computer thomographs, X-ray machines, endoscopes and the other have been ensured for the mortgages distinguished by Development Bank of Islam, and the modem radiological equipments for the neology hospitals for the rents permitted by the government of the People’s Republic of China.


For more than ten years Japan has given to Uzbekistan about US$ 26millions for consolidating the technical and logistical basis of the medic institutes.


Nowadays the Global Fund’s of HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis projection has a worth US$ 40millions that will be realized in the Republic.


The health of the nation, including the wellness of every person considers as the main condition for the normal development of the country as much as its well being. The health of the population has the most important priority for the policies of the Uzbek state.