Музеи в бухаре

Brief summary;
Architectural Art Governmental Museum’s situated on Afrosiab Street 2.
Bukhara travel itinerary leads travelers right here. It contains more than one hundred thousands exhibits. Storehouse tells visitors about Uzbekiston people’s rich cultural life, tremedously great heritage. Approaching creation centenary had been approximately two thousand and twenty-two. Museum-reserve simply amazes, exposing objects collected during an entire era.

Herein, everyone would see sewing products decorated with gold paintings. Subject exeptionally to true Bukhora artisans. Ganch carving, unique copper minting, decorating, changing coins, household items, books, antique maps. Besides, magnificent statues, painting. Anyone could endlessly admire art-works that go from generation to another. Only day gallery is closed for preventive treatment – Wednesday. In respectable company Elite Tours International it’s possible obtain information you need.


Institution heyday;
Today, after repository was awarded constitutional title, depository’s divided into six branches. Totally, Museum-showroom presents eighteen permanent exhibitions. They aren’t commonly stored within building walls itself, but supplementarily around other Bukhara’s architectonic monuments. Visiting them, guests may learn many interesting things.

Consider example, inside Arc-citadel visitants’ll get acquainted with numismatistism, nature. Moreover, Bukharo writing origins. Buhara emirs Sitorai Mohi-Hosa residence offers holidaymakers examine decorative arts. In Faizullah Khojayev’s house excursionists might become aware of this merchant’s family history.  Ordering journey in Uzbekistan tour agency, anybody can be absolutely sure of decision’s rectitude.

There’re additionally expositions demonstrating Bukhara key historical events in medieval Kukeldash madrassa. Inwards carpet showroom Hanak Nadir Divan-begi located nearby Magoki-Attori. Chashma-Ayub mausoleum plus others repositories, which will be reported by abovementioned wonderful reserve’s staff