Throughout Uzbekistan travel region, everything is being done developing our athletes’ professional training; system has being introduced not only for young generation employment purpose, but also strengthens entire country population health.

Along with generally recognized types, such as football, tennis, table tennis, basketball, etc., popular contests, like horse racing, wrestling, war tug, are also popular within republic.

Football, like elsewhere, is a leader among local hobbies. Of course, most residents are fans. They know all matches schedules, gather inside bars forward joint games viewing, football unites many, regardless social status, language and religion.

Uzbekistan has long been country doing everything under physical education development. Within cities or villages, sports clubs, fitness halls, interest clubs opened; stadiums featuring gyms being built. Order bodily culture development precisely occupational direction, tournaments, contests featuring leagues constantly organized through various state regions. This direction features:

  • National League Championship.
  • Regular qualification tournaments tennis, horse racing, swimming, boxing, canoeing, archery.
  • Hands strength competition.
  • Gymnastics competitions.

Local events for various competitions have been created republic, such as:

  1. Umid Niholari complex match many areas, mainly between schoolchildren;
  2. Barkamol avlod uchun all-encompassing tournament many areas between vocational schools, gymnasiums;
  3. Universiade huge celebration off sports achievements among all institutes or universities students.

Winners usually credited to professional teams that have prospects over further development.

You can always visually see republic efforts develop bodily education; main thing seems check at the hotel at an affordable price on time, relax, then start research.