Ecocenter “Jeyran”

At 40 kilometers from the city of Bukhara, driving on the highway A-380 “Bukhara-Karshi,” you can get to the ecology center “Jeiran”, which holds a large-scale campaign for the adoption of cubs of gazelle or Bukhara mountain goats that are being continually killed by poachers, under the care. The campaign is called “Adopt a baby,” and its purpose is that the guardians of the adopted animal living in the kennel pay for them. These funds are required to purchase milk for cubs of animals, food nutrition, and thus to help their proper growth as well as for the services of a veterinarian.


The registration of a guardian is carried out according to all the rules. New guardians are handed out a personal certificate. They have the right to choose the name for their baby, also to make a special plaque with the name of the trustee, which is then hung on the cage of the custodian animals. Also a special certificate is issued that entitles them to visit the ward located in the nursery during the year.


Visitors, who stay in the nursery for a while, settle in a special dormitory equipped with all the benefits of modern life, a shower, air conditioning, computer and even a separate kitchen. Beautiful landscape suggests an evening stroll to the lakes, but do not forget the precautions in connection with the possible emergence of scorpions, tarantulas or other predators.


The best time to visit the ecology center “Jeyran” is from March till June and from mid-August to November (the reception hours should also be carefully considered, morning and evening, which vary slightly due to a certain time of the year). The total amount spent on the maintenance of the young cub per year is about 50 thousand sum.