Об Узбекистане. Великие имена

Thanks to sightseeing Uzbekistan tours will be possible get acquainted not only country sights, but also learn more about outstanding people who lived on this earth.

For many centuries, Bukhara was Muslim culture center. It happens here renowned theologian Bahoutdin Naqshbandi buried.
Famous figure became popular religious movement Sufism supporter throughout Central Asian region. Even childhood, Naqshbandi imbued with this teaching, since those times Sufi works were translated into many eastern countries languages.

Sufism appears a trend within Islam, which essence is asceticism, one’s neighbor love either support forward those who need. Sufis whole life purpose becomes serve the Almighty. Bahoutdin Nashbandi followed these rules.

A lot of parables and legends are composed about that remarkable person. Great man living details are described within book “Tarih-i-Bakhovutdin.”

Additionally, there are other sources for his biography.

Thinker’s whole life passed inside village Qasr-i-Hinduvan near Bukhara. There he was born 1318, died there, 1389 at 71 years old.

Nakshbandi originated from simple family; father earned weaver featuring metal engraver. Sufi himself followed father’s footsteps also became weaver; his silk fabrics with gold either silver thread grow especially popular.

Celebrated thinker father featuring grandfather were Orthodox Muslims following Sufism ideas. After their heir grew up, he founded Sufi order “Naqshbandiya”, where he called on Muslims stay diligent, industrious, while idly criticized idleness, existing over others expense, idle pastime. Nakshbandi famous phrase is: “Allah must be in heart, labor in hands.”

Two renowned poets belonged to that order at one time: Jami and Alisher Navoi.

It has known that Bahoudin twice performed the hajj to Mecca; earned living with craft, never had minions.

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