Alisher Navoi

Великие люди Узбекистана. Алишер Навои

Central Asian cities were often called after the names of different prominent people. Considering, people delve into their history and it’s very exciting. If you ever have a chance to visit historical places of Uzbekistan, using the available services included in Uzbek tour package, you will definitely get acquainted with the history of the city, named after the poet Alisher Navoi. Of course, he possessed not only humanitarian knowledge, it is also remembered that he was a statesman and thinker.

All historical sources confirm that Alisher Navoi was born in 1441 in the city of Herat, located in the north-west of Afghanistan. He was raised with the children of the Timurid families and was a friend with Sultan Hussein, who later became the head of the Khorasan state and the patron of the arts.

In the future Alisher Navoi lived and studied in a madrasah in the city of Samarkand. He was fortunate that among the teachers there was a famous at that time poet Jami, who became his like-minded person. Therefore, his poetic talents have appeared when he was at the age of 15, and could write in both, Turkish and Farsi languages. Having received the title of Emir in 1472 year, he provided protection and financially supported personalities of all creative directions. On his initiative, many buildings were constructed, such as madrasahs, libraries and hospitals. Under his supervision there was a vast erection of buildings in Herat itself.

Alisher Navoi’s creative heritage is immense and undeniable. He wrote about 30 major works, including collections of poems, lyrical compositions and philosophical treatises. The lyrical work “The Treasury of Thoughts” conveys the whole gamut of his sensual experiences. At the end of his life an allegorical poem “The Language of Birds” was written. He was very honored in Iran, as he often had to go there. Despite the absence of a family, each of his tour to Central Asia left a historical trace in creative manifestation.

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