Abu Reyhan Mahammad Ahmad Al-Beruniy 973 – 1048 is a great scholar from Khorezm. More precisely, his birthplace considers small town Kyat; later territory will become Khiva khanate. Future encyclopedias stayed orphan, he took up forwards education then-famous Nasr Ibn Iraq. When Biruni reached adulthood, became good employee at Khorezm Shah court Kyat. Later, fate forced him go coastal township Kabusa. Explorer returned homeland 1004, where began work at Shah Mamun court in Gurgange until 1017.

That period, namely 9-10th century, Khorazm appeared famous over development culture. Beside ruler courtyard, an academy organized, where prominent representatives’ scientific world worked. The most well-known:

  • Al-Beruniy.
  • Nasr Iraq
  • Ibn Sina
  • Philosophers Sal Mazihiy, Abul Khayir Hamar.
  • Poet Mansur Salibi.

But 1017, Mahmoud Ghaznevi attacked city, forcing Beruni go with him capital, Ghazna. Inside city, great man lived until life end. Only 1025 erudite managed see homeland for a short time.

Scientist also prominent within Europe, there called Alboron like many believed that man was Spanish monk.

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On explorer account 150 scientific papers. But only approximately 30 have survived till our time. Most work related mathematics.

Working “Memorials Past Generations”, which describes religious orientation various peoples, including Khorazm, appears best known. There are astronomical digressions, well descriptions astronomical instruments.

Famous science cultural monument stays “Explanation recognized either unrecognized Indian sciences by grand intellects”, better known like “India”. For composition Beruniy nicknamed encyclopedias, since it contains all aspects related toward country.

Living India, scientist managed learn Sanskrit, thanks ancient language, Bernie could study geography, ethnography, country history, more detail. From Indian sources, erudite gained knowledge about biology, philology, astrology field, which outlined within working. As result, large-scale composition was translated into numerous languages, including Uzbek, Russian, French, English. Treatise has been reprinted several times.

Another creation by Bernie worth mentioning arise Canon Maasud. Here come scientific conclusions in math. It seems dedicated Sultan Maasoud, Mahmud Ghaznevi son. Additionally, tractate contains other fields:

  • History and traditions off many East peoples;
  • Information on geography, mathematics, astronomy, astrology;
  • Medieval scholars’ c

Total, 11 books are included creation. Subsequently, treatise published into Arabic, Uzbek, Russian.

Next working, Fundamentals of Star Science, differs off other works; has written two languages Persian either Arabic. This source you can get answers 530 questions upon geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, geography, natural astrology, historical events.

Historical heritage this excellent scholar is large-scale. He made significant contribution not just sciences development, eastern world culture, yet also our entire planet.

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