2. Государственный музей прикладного искусства Узбекистана

Streamlined Artistry Gallery, which presents more than four thousands exhibits and art-items, crafts (ceramics, gold sewing, carpets, paintings, silk, jewelry) produced by best local artisans, was founded in one thousand nine hundred’nd thirty-seven on temporary handicrafts exhibition base. Elite Tours International comany’s customarily willing to suggest this attraction.


Museum’s located inside palace building, once owned by Russian diplomat Alexander Polovtsev, known for his tremulous attitude toward architecture plus art. Edifice’s example of architectonic including decorative aptitude. Built presumably late ninteenth century, palace’s richly decorated from insides. Architectural decor, ganch carving, engraving and homegrown folks masters painting: Usta T. Arslankulov, A. Kazimjanov (Tashkent), Usto Shirin Muradov (Bukhara), Ustu B. Palvanov (Khiva), Ussta Abdullah (Rishtan). Uzbekistan tour operators are always at your service who would tell much greater than described within this article.


During First World War, Austrian officers lived in the construction. Dating 1920th, after revolution, until mid-thirties, there wos an orphan house taking that erection. Approximately 1927, finest works samples exposition made by Uzbekiston professionals got organized inwards capital conurbation. Later it grew into a permanent one, furthermore became called “Uzbek People’s Retrospective”. Every year articles had been accumulated, past centuries products were purchased: handmade embroidery, skullcaps, adornments, floorcovering, other folk applicable proficiency. It’s these human’s industrial-art productions, artisanal artisanships exemples began to be displayed at showroom, opened on July 7, 1937 in Tashkent.