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Travelling to Uzbekistan


Welcome to Uzbekistan – a world oasis where an antiquity and the present are existing together! Uzbekistan is the country, which is located in the centre of the Great Silk Road, in territory of huge central-Asian region with the history numbering hardly probable not one million Uzbekistan is the state with a unique cultural heritage, various art forms and traditional crafts, mentality of the population, its folklore, kitchen. All its favourably distinguishes is from neighbouring countries and regions.

Recently interest to Uzbekistan as to a tourist direction, has considerably increased, and accordingly, increases from year to year a spectrum of the tourist services given by local tour operators for attraction more quantity of travellers. A great bulk travelling across Uzbekistan are inhabitants of the countries of the European Commonwealth, and also some states of Asian-Pacific region.

Travel across Uzbekistan with its historical, archaeological, architectural and natural objects is the present adventure abounding with pleasant opening. Uzbekistan (among other countries of region) is the leader in the market of trips of cultural-informative character. Visitors of our country have possibility to track its history not only in museums, considering exhibits, but also “alive”. It is necessary to set foot on land ancient sites of ancient settlement, to visit places of archeological excavations,where lives of people of the left epoch will open.

And the most important thing, the traditions of the Uzbek hospitality which have deeply taken roots in the people, local customs and excellent ethnic cuisine do Uzbekistan the most attractive place where visitors from every corner of the globe gather.

Interestingly. The sated history of the region, the monuments of architecture which is well-known for the whole world and an applied art, rounds on ancient cities of Uzbekistan, stories of professional guides which it would be desirable to listen infinitely – here expects you.

Cheaply. All tourists coming to Uzbekistan mark one indisputable fact: in Uzbekistan simply “ridiculous”, to impropriety the modest prices for all. Therefore to spend money here – it is a pleasure. Shopping in shops of any level and possibilities, pleasure institutions, the fine restaurants offering kitchen of nations of the world, magnificent mounting skiing resorts, especial “a night life” capitals and entertainments – here involves.

Purely. In streets of Tashkent and other big cities of Uzbekistan you will not stumble about beer bottles, you will not press empty packs from cigarettes, you will not bypass a heap of dust. Unusually pure, wide, shady streets, green parks, transparent fountains – this bribes.

Safely. Stability in Uzbekistan can be envied only. The glory to the Allah mercy and merciful, here is not present either wars, or revolutions, either mutinies, or ruin. The population is famous for the peaceful disposition – here that forces to recollect Uzbekistan and to dream of it…

Uzbekistan currency is the SUM

We will render you any consultations and we will organise tours by your inquiry across Uzbekistan. These tours can be combined with regions of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and the countries of caucasus.